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A Typical day at 100 Acrewood Pre-School


At 100 Acrewood Pre-School we rotate our resources and activities and we have weekly planning that we follow so that the children are always able to explore new and exciting ways to discover and grow.

Children have lots of fun learning through play at our pre-school, following EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage). All of our activities are designed to promote the prime and specific areas of the EYFS learning and development goals. We structure our day to achieve a balance of child-initiated play and adult led activities. 












Each child has a learning journal, which is completed by their key worker and parents have access to see what their child has done at Pre-school. This is tailored to every individual child, the learning journal records each stage of development in accordance with the EYFS goals. It includes photos of the child doing specific activities, examples of their learning achievements and any comments and observations noted by their key worker.

Termly assessments take place with the child's learning and development goals.

Parents are encouraged to meet with their child’s key worker at the end of each full term to discuss their child’s progression in relation to the EYFS goals.


The following sessions are available:

Morning Session 8:30am-11:30am

Morning Session + Lunch 8:30am-12pm

Afternoon Session 12:00pm-3:00pm  or 11.30am-2.30pm which includes lunch club

All Day Session 8:30am-3:00pm

If your child is at Pre-school for lunch, they will need a packed lunch which we will keep in the fridge. We encourage healthy eating and ask parents to provide packed lunches that contain healthy options such as sandwiches, fruit and dairy products (eg cheese, yoghurts etc). We discourage lots of treats/sugary drinks. We do not permit nuts or nut based products in lunchboxes.

We are a Nut-free environment and encourage foods being brought into the Pre-school to not contain nuts, we also do not accept chocolate due to some children who might have allergies. and we are aware of the importance of a well-controlled diet and children not having too much sugary foods.                           


Children at 100 Acrewood Pre-school bring in a piece of fruit for snack, which is put into a named bag, and placed in the snack area with their named bottle. The children will find their own snack at snack time independently.

At 100 Acrewood Pre-School we have  snack in the morning/afternoon, when a variety of fruit is offered to the children with milk and/or water (as preferred by your child). If your child has any food allergies, please advise our staff so that we can ensure your child is kept safe.

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Our Environment

We are proud to have an exceptional indoor and outdoor space.


Zapphire School of Dance.

We welcome Zapphire School of Dance who come in weekly to teach our children some Movement and Dance Activities


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