At 100 Acrewood Pre-school we are still following our guidelines set by the Government and Early Years.

We are following strict guidelines and making sure that everyone is safe during COVID-19, by ensuring that we maintain our procedures in place for entering our Pre-school and maintaining Social Distancing, Temperatures continue to be taken on arrival and the Anti-bacterial Tower is used on entry into Pre-school.

Any professionals that need to visit the Pre-school are following the same above procedures that we have set in place and they are wearing masks in the setting.

Showarounds to the Pre-school are taking place outside Pre-school hours and masks are worn at all times during these visits.

COVID-19 Updates.
Graduation and Goodbyes.

At 100 Acrewood Pre-school due to the COVID-19 restrictions and keeping everyone safe within our community and pre-school, we will not be holding our normal Graduation celebrations, where we have parents and visitors attending.

However we will continue to celebrate this with the children who are graduating and leaving us to go to school in September by having their Photo taken and being presented with their Certificate and Medal within the Pre-school.

Children who are leaving us to go to another setting will also have a Photo taken and be presented with a Certificate.

We would like to wish all the children who are leaving us this term all the very best in their new settings in September and we would like to thank all parents for their

co-operation during COVID-19 and for supporting us this term.

We would like to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Summer break.